Ari appears at the scene, enthusiastic.
Cynical Sam sits on his sofa, ready to torpedo any and all of Ari's ideas in his usual manner.
- Sam, Sam! I've made this extreme discovery...
- Oh yeah?
- I externalized my cognitive functions! Here, I brought them with me...
Ari opens his attache case and takes out boxes of different sizes.
- This here, for instance, is my rational mind, he exclaims and waves a tennisball-sized box in front of Sam's nose.
Sam is unimpressed. Ari points to another box of the same size:
- These here are my childhood traumas. You can feel the heat of shame on this one, look, it's almost glowing red!
Sam groans and nods.
- This, Ari says, taking a tiny match box between his fingers - is my conscience. I've lost it several times already...
Taking a tired look at a large cardboard box behind Ari's back, Sam says in a sarcastic tone:
- That one must be your ego.
Ari turns around, opens the box and mumbles, thoughtfully:
- No, this is the battery of my ego.
- Ok, where's the real thing, then?
Outside they hear a sound of a heavy truck parking by the house.
- Umm, you'd better take a look out of the window, Sam.