ari heljakka / software


- ScreenMail Video Communication Tool

[CSO, 2012]

Dream Broker online video platform

- Software solutions for automated video generation and casting

[CTO, 2007-2010]

Probabilistic Logic Networks Theorem Prover

Automated theorem-prover based on probabilistic logic networks by Goertzel et al.

[Author, 2006]

Novamente Cognition Engine (embodiment, inference)

[Engineering team leader, 2005-2006]


3-D Virtual Reality project, open source


[Author of v0.90, project manager, 2005 - 2007]

"Locating Functional Motifs In Amino Acid Sequences By Independent Component Analysis"

- Matlab, C++


[Master's thesis, Physics, 2004]

Militarea online strategy game

Prototype of a massively scalable web strategy game architecture, taken offline accidentally and never found the time to put it back

[Author, 2003]

F121 Transformer

XSL conversion component in MS-IIS. Was the main product of Future121 Ltd in 2001.

[Lead engineer, 2001]


Go-Kart Race Management software

[Author, 2000 - 2007]

Lucifer BBS Offline Reader

Shareware, MS-DOS

[Author, 1998]